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about me

I am a high-school aged artist, but don't underestimate me! I love all things horses, and can't go a day without drawing. A few years ago, I decided to combine the two. I am mostly self-taught, with the exception of a few drawing lessons, where I found out about colored pencils. Ever since then, I have strived to improve my artwork enough to draw for other people!

In progress grey horse drawing
Stella riding a grey horse with matching red polos and saddle pad.

I use Prismacolor wax colored pencils for my paper horse drawings, but I have also worked in graphite, watercolor, and acrylic. Along with traditional art horse portraits, I also do digital horse drawings! My digital drawings are done on my iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. I have been doing digital art on a regular basis for over two years and I absolutely love it! I am also dabbling in model horse customizing, which I also adore because of the three-dimensional aspect!

A few days a week after school, I go to my lesson barn and help around the barn or horseback ride. I absolutely love riding! There is nothing better than riding on top of such a majestic creature. I also go skiing in the winter and early spring. It isn't horseback riding, but I enjoy it just as much!

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