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Commission Pricing

Commissions are closed, thank you for the support.

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Information and Terms of Service

  • Artist cannot confirm that the artwork will be completed by any specific dates.

  • First half of payment due after sketch approval. Last half of payment due after final product approval. Shipping payment due when drawing is sent.

  • If payment is not met, the artist is authorized to sell the original commission.

  • If commission is cancelled after sketch approval, payment is non-refundable.

  • Your horse will be drawn in the stance shown in the photo you submit. 

  • Artists only draws horses, no humans, dogs/cats, or other animals.

  • The artwork is completed on a first-come, first-served basis, meaning your artwork will be started after all previous orders are completed, the timeframe of which will be discussed once you have contacted artist. ​

  • Art is created based on a single photo. Additional photos for context are helpful, but not required. The artist has the right to request additional reference photos if needed.

  • Please do not submit photos with color filters or other editing that might impact the photo quality.

  • All art will be rendered using Prismacolor wax colored pencils on 9x12 inch Strathmore toned paper (client's choice of tan or grey).

  • Artist has the right to share completed and in-progress photos of drawings on social media, unless otherwise agreed upon.

G. Pace Commission- Archie-
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